Classic Mini cup holder



Classic Mini cup holder


In the drop down list above, choose the color for your complimentary water bottle included with your cup holder:
Silver | Red | Green | Blue

The Classic Mini Cup Holder holder can be used on right or left handed drive Mini’s, and requires no tools for installation. 

The cup holder can be placed anywhere between the seat brackets on the floor cross member on both the passenger and drivers side.

They are constructed from CNC machined aircraft-grade billet aluminum, laser cut acrylic, and stainless steel hardware.

Simply slide the cup holder bracket under the seat, place over the cross member and tighten the retaining knob - DONE!

A  high-density foam bracket - liner is included for all  models that do not have carpet on the cross member or floor.

For a limited time, these cup holders also include a complimentary aluminum water bottle in your choice of 4 colors - silver, red, green or blue.

The Ultimate Cup Holder for Your Classic Mini

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